Links to video recordings of lectures at St Francis Theological College as well as presentations at some other venues:

St George’s College, Jerusalem


Jesus Then & Jesus Now

The Once and Future Bible


Introduction to OT Studies


The Synoptic Gospels


Bethsaida Excavations

  • The Coins from Bethsaida, 1988–2014: Presentation to the SFC Research Seminar, St Francis Theological College, Brisbane on Thursday, 12 March 2015. The presentation draws on recent research into the Islamic coins from Bethsaida to highlight selected points where the coins from Bethsaida Archaeology Project (1988–2014) contribute to our understanding of the regional dynamics in Antiquity, in the Medieval period and in the Early Modern period (1700–1918). text ]
  • 2014 Bethsaida Research Report: Presentation to SFC Research Seminar, Thursday, 21 August 2014.
  • A coin of Severus Alexander from BethsaidaBatchelder Biblical Archaeology Conference, Omaha, NE. 11-12 November 2011.


The Bible and the Curriculum




Video Tutorials

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