Jesus Database

The Jesus Database is a collaborative online resource for historical Jesus research and to explore new ways of celebrating the meaning of Jesus for people today. This project was started in March 2006 and draws on earlier work going back to 2001. The site currently consists of more than 1,200 articles.

The goal is to provide a collection of Jesus materials that will be of interest to scholars, to educators, to students, to clergy, to church members, and to the wider public.

The database will include at least the following components:

  • texts of sayings and events involving Jesus or attributed to him
  • commentary, discussion and related notes
  • liturgies, poems, prayers and sermons that relate to these items
  • graphics and photographs relevant to any of this material

This project is largely funded by my own funds, but gifts to help with the expenses are always welcome. You can make a once-off or a recurring contribution using PayPal or by check. Thank you for any contribution you are able to make. It is deeply appreciated.

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