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  1. H Chm says:

    About the so called “Roman bath” in Nazareth (Cactus shop) that is actually bath the Crusader period see :

    1. Alexandre, Yardenna. 2012. Mary’s Well, Nazareth. The Late Hellenistic to the Ottoman Periods. Jerusalem, IAA Reports 49

    2. SHACHAM, Tzvi. 2012. Bathhouse from the Crusader Period in Nazareth in Kreiner, R & W. Letzner (eds.). SPA. SANITAS PER AQUAM. Tagungsband des Internationalen Frontinus-Symposums zur Technik und Kulturgeschichte der antike Thermen. Aachen, 18-22. Marz 2009 : 319-326. BABESCH SUPPL. 21

    and even : Freund, R.A. 2009, Digging through the Bible, Lanham, Md – page 299 line 13-14

    • gregoryjenks says:

      Hello there, H Chm. Thank you for the additional references to literature relating to the identification and dating of the bathhouse structure below the present “Cactus” gift shop in Nazareth. I was familiar with the titles by Alexandre and Freund, but not the item by Tzvi Schacham. Based on its title (as I have not yet seen the essay), it seems to argue a position that I would also advance; namely, that the bathhouse is no earlier than the Crusader period. At the same time, I am not sure of the relevance of your post to the page where the comment has been made. If there was some reason why you made the comment on this page, please feel free to reply with that information. In any case I shall happily add this literature to my research data relating to the history of Nazareth. Best wishes, GJ

  2. gregoryjenks says:

    If you can point me to the page, I will check out the reference and see if it is possible to correct any misrepresentation. The page you had in mind may have been on the Jesus Database site, where I did find one reference that reads: ” We called by Cactus, an adjacent gift shop built above the remains of a Roman bath house, and enjoyed meeting the owners”. That has now been changed to “… an ancient bath house …” which is a nice neutral description, even though my own view is that the visible remains are no earlier than the Crusader period.

  3. gregoryjenks says:

    This report is also relevant, although it leaves open the question of the underlying material beneath the Crusader bathhouse as well as the date(s) for such remains. Jol, Harry M., Jenifer Bode, Richard A. Freund, Maha Darawsha, Paul D. Bauman, Christeen Nahas, Philip Reeder, Carl Savage, and Danny Syon. “Nazareth Excavations Project: A GPR Perspective.” Paper presented at the Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems, Philadelphia, USA, 2008.

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