AFTERLIVES: Jesus in global perspective

Editor: Gregory C. Jenks


This set of essays explores the impact of Jesus within and beyond Christianity, including his many ‘afterlives’ in literature and the arts, social justice and world religion during the past 2,000 years and especially in the present global context. The term ‘afterlife’ is being used in the sense that Yvonne Sherwood did in her volume on Jonah: A biblical text and its afterlives: The survival of Jonah in western culture. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2000.

This volume is not an exercise in Christian apologetics, nor is it an interfaith project; except in the sense that many of the contributors will be from a Christian context of some kind, while a great many others will be from other religious and cultural contexts.

The essays need to be original work that is grounded in critical scholarship and/or reflective practice, but expressed in non-technical language so the information is accessible to intelligent non-specialists.


Proposals for contributions around other topics which are clearly relevant to the collection are also most welcome.




The once and future Jesus (Gregory C. Jenks)
Jesus, parables and the kingdom of God (John Dominic Crossan)
Discovering Jesus in the Psalms: Early Christian reception of the Psalms as messianic texts (David Cohen)
Jesus as Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Age (James D. Tabor)
The apocryphal Jesus (Kurt A. Richardson)
Jesus in Tertullian (Geoffrey D. Dunn)
Jesus as the Logos: The afterlife of Jesus in ancient philosophy (David Galston)
Jesus Christ in Byzantine coins (Peter Lewis)
The Aryan Jesus (Jocelyn Kellam)
Jesus and the Western individual (Michael Free)
Becoming Flesh (Peter Kline)


Contextuality as Incarnation (Robert M. Price)
Jesus in the Holy Qur’an and the Prophetic Traditions (Mustafa Abu Sway)
Writing the Afterlives: From Jesus to the Vilna Gaon  (Richard Freund)
The ‘Disappeared Jesus’ and the Emancipation of European Jewry (Lorraine Parkinson)
Jesus and contemporary Jewish identity (Richard Sherwin)
Jesus as a Yogi in 
(Vishal Sharma)
Ruist (Confucian) Receptions of Jesus in Late Imperial China (Bin Song & Ryan Pino)
The Christology of Joseph Smith (Keith Thompson)
Engaging Jesus in secular Australia (David Merritt)
In Celebration of a ‘wild’ Faith: Jesus in the Australian Landscape (Rex A. E. Hunt)
Jesus and the Transforming Influence of Friendship (John Smith)


Jesus through Indigenous Australian eyes (Glenn Loughrey)
Jesus and Indigenous Australian identity (Anne Pattel-Gray)
Jesus of Kings Cross (Peter Catt)
Radicalizing Jesus: An Indigenous Maori Anglican Woman (Jenny Te Paa Daniel)
Jesus through Pacific eyes (Seforosa Carroll)
Asian Faces of Jesus (Joseph N. Goh)
The Post-Colonial Jesus: the Art of Emmanuel Garibay
 (Rod Pattenden)
Jesus in comedic film (Jonathan Sargeant)
Sexing Jesus: Controversies around Christological Erotic Corporealities in Latin America (Hugo Cordova Quero)
Jesus through women’s eyes (Marian Free)
Saying No to Jesus: Feminist Theology and the Christian Liberal Fantasy (Janice McRandal)

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Gregory C. Jenks