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Having recently retired, I have a number of long time book friends who are seeking new homes. We are all very sad about this but also seeking to be mature as we contemplate new relationships, and especially as I focus on numismatic and archaeological research projects.

A selection of academic books in the field of Biblical Studies, History, and Liturgy is available for acquisition by interested people who are willing to make a donation to the CCCRH Foundation, at a value which they determine as a reflection of the value of the books to them, plus covering any costs in transporting the books to their new home.

Donations to CCCRH Foundation can be made by cheque or direct deposit. Bank details will be provided at the time that the re-homing arrangements are finalised.

To assist people in doing this, the following links provide access to the total set of around 400 books which are originally available for distribution, as well some subsets of the books for people interested in books related to particular subject areas.

As the number of books diminish, these links will be updated to reflect just those items still available for distribution. Categories which have already been depleted are not listed. Please note that some books will appear in more than one subset.

All books | Biblical Languages | Biblical Studies | Church History | General Reading | Historical Jesus | Second Temple Judaism | Spirituality | John Shelby Spong

Please use the form below to contact me about any books which you are interesting in re-homing …

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