Bethsaida 2014 – Day Twelve

Today was our hottest day so far, and very humid—with more of the same and then some predicted for tomorrow. We were dripping with perspiration and the dust was turned to trickles of mud.

140618 Area T Workers


We began the day with the official photographic session for Area T, as project photographer worked his magic (and his aerobatic skills) to capture some great pictures for the dig records.

140618 Aea T photographer

140618 Area T Panorama

140618 L4009 from NW corner of Area T


We took a break from the digging to go visit the wet sifting work station. With some pretty basic equipment we are able to capture evidence of plant life in earlier times, as well as fauna such as fish and small rodents.

140618 Wet-Sifter


Late afternoon we gathered for the final pottery reading of this middle session of the 2014 season. The finds are washed at the dig and then we sort and count them, before they are identified, recorded, and photographed.

140618 Pottery Reading


After dinner we had our final evening lecture. This lecture was presented by Dr Mark Appold from Truman State University. He spoke about the disciples who came from Bethsaida and their contributions to earliest Christianity.

140618 Evening Lecture


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