Bethsaida 2014 – Day Four

Today in Area T work continued on the new square that we marked out yesterday.

This photo from last year shows the sifters located exactly where we are now digging (!!), which was a spot we chose in 2012 because it was a pit with a lot of stones and rubbish. I guess we are now going to remove those stones and shift that rubbish:

130621 Sabeel Nazareth at Bethsaida

Happily we prepared the area for this year by removing the sifted soil and the worst (we hope) of the stones, as this picture records:

130625 Area T BackHoe

Steady progress was made during the morning, and we look forward to even better results tomorrow, as well as on Friday morning when we shall be joined by a dozen or so young people from the Sabeel community in Nazareth. Our goal is to expose the eastern extension of walls W1200 and W1202 that run east-west and were uncovered in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

From 12o2, Wall W1200:

Photo Time - W1200

From 2013, Wall W1202:

130628 Area T

This photo shows the new area in relation to the squares from the last two years:

In the evening I presented the night time lecture. My topic was “Searching for the Nazareth of Jesus”. This is the same topic as one of my presentations at the Snowstar Institute Conference in Canada in April this year. The related full text article has been downloaded almost 1,000 times from, while the lecture from Canada is available online as a video.

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