Bethsaida 2014 – Day Two

Today was a gentle way to begin the middle session of the 2014 season.

Rather than leave on the bus at 5.30am we were able to sleep in and take a late breakfast before taking the bus at 8.30am. The morning was spent offering the 40+ volunteers an orientation to the site as well as covering the health and safety issues. Sadly, the morning was overshadowed by a medical event that required one of our staff to be evacuated to the local hospital by ambulance. Fortunately, there are two medical doctors and one emergency room nurse among the Australian volunteers this year, so medical assistance was available within seconds of the event.

Mid-afternoon the group went by bus to Ginosar, which is the usual base of our operations and also the location of our work rooms below the Beit Alon Museum. This allowed the volunteers to see examples of finds from previous seasons, including the processes for restoration and conservation of these precious items.

Tomorrow the serious work will commence, with an early departure for the dig at 5.30am.

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