Snowstar 2014 Annual Conference

Over the last few days I have had the privilege and the pleasure of presenting several sessions at the 2014 annual conference of the Snowstar Institute of Religion, an independent Canadian organisation committed to open inquiry, critical thinking, historical realism, and humanitarian concern.

The theme of the conference was Caution! Renovations Under Way: The Bible, the Historical Jesus, the Future of the Church, so the various sessions ranged across a variety of topics.

My co-presenters were B. Brandon Scott and Kathleen E. Corley, both colleagues in the Westar Institute (Jesus Seminar), so it was an extra pleasure to be working alongside them once again.

For those who may be interested, my three sessions were as follows (with PDF and video material available online):

1. An Open Bible: Imagining an Inclusive Scripture – Video | PDF

2. Looking for the Nazareth of Jesus – Video | PDF

3. Encountering God in Jesus of Nazareth – Video | PDF



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