Centre for Coins Culture and Religious History Foundation Ltd

The Centre for Coins Culture and Religious History [CCCRH] promotes a deeper understanding of the role of Christianity, along with other religions, in the development of our global human community through the preservation, exhibition, study and publication of coins, icons, manuscripts and other documents relevant to religious history.

The Foundation

Centre for Coins Culture and Religious History Foundation Ltd has been established as company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001. Our Australian Company Number (ACN) is 640 568 092.

The CCCRH Foundation operates under the auspices of St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane.

The Executive Director of CCCRH Foundation Ltd is Dr Gregory Jenks.


Through the initiative of a benefactor who has donated his substantial collection of coins and other artefacts, including icons, manuscripts, and other documents as the nucleus of our research and teaching collection. The benefactor wishes to remain anonymous.

The Collection

This whole collection has a focus on artefacts relevant to the history and mission of Christianity.

There is no comparable coin collection in SE Queensland, either by size or focus.

Our materials constitute a substantial research and teaching asset in the fields of cultural studies, numismatics, and religion.

The coin collection currently consists of around 2,000 coins.

CCCRH also has access to the St John’s Cathedral Coin Collection for its research and teaching activities.


In pursuit of its mission, the Centre for Coins, Culture and Religious History engages in the following kinds of activities:

  • Preservation, development, analysis and publication of coins and other cultural items from its own collection;
  • Exhibition of items from its own collection, and hosting exhibits of material from other collections by arrangement with national and international partners;
  • Provide resources for research and publication in fields related to biblical history, the origins of Christianity, church history, and global cultural studies; and
  • Develop curriculum resources for Anglican Schools across SE Queensland, as well as other schools in the region.
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