The final lectionary notes


The lectionary notes just published for the Feast of Christ the King (23 November 2014) will be the last of my regular weekly lectionary posts.

I have been preparing and distributing these notes since 2002, so it seems time to conclude this weekly task and focus my energies on other projects.

The complete set of archived notes will continue to be accessible on the Jesus Database web site.

Thank you for the privilege of sharing these reflections with you over the past 12 years. No doubt I shall still post the occasional comment on the Sunday readings, as well as other topical matters, but the regular weekly posts have now ended.

Gregory C. Jenks

About gregoryjenks

Executive Director, Centre for Coins Culture and religious History. Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the School of Theology at Charles Sturt University. The opinions expressed in my publications, including my blog posts, are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the CCCRH Foundation.
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7 Responses to The final lectionary notes

  1. Desley Garnett says:

    thanks, Greg. I have appreciated receiving these weekly reflections. Thanks also for having them available on the web


    Desley Garnett

  2. Kenneth Burkhart says:

    I want to thank you for providing these notes! I heard you speak at a WESTAR seminar in San Francisco (Berkeley) three years ago and I have taken your notes each week, combined them with the scripture readings and a sermon from Rex Hunt and/or Bill Peddie to make a complete set of “study material” for one whole 3 year lectionary cycle. I plan to read them again in future years and perhaps even use them for a “lectionary cycle” church study group. They have been very valuable to me and I appreciate the work you have put in preparing them

    Thanks again!

    Ken Burkhart Atlantic, Iowa USA


  3. john ramsbottom says:

    Pity – but have appreciated all the insights over the past years.

  4. Rex Hunt says:

    THanks Greg. Job well done.

  5. RevPat TBR says:

    Thanks Greg for these–and for your steadfastness to the task. Blessings, Pat (Moore)


  6. Denis Freeman Pax centenary says:

    Greg. Your research and theological views will really be missed. We at pax centenary have been using the information you have organised and formatted in our journey. Thanks. You have taught us good skills and places to research our investigations, it is now up to us.

  7. Greg – I am way behind in responding to your post; but here it is. A great work which I have enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed your teaching at the College of St Francis. Whilst I am sure many will miss your weekly posts, the archive is more than a good body of reflections to use and disseminate. I am passing on the link to the Jesus Database to friends and colleagues that might be interested. Job well done indeed. Blessings and good wishes on whatever tasks you are now undertaking. I know they will be done with tremendous energy and insight. Thank you and all the best for your life in 2015. Stephen

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