Palestine of Jesus 2014 – Day Eleven

The SGC Palestine of Jesus course relocated from Jerusalem to the Galilee today. This was always planned at this point in the schedule, but the move was also a good opportunity to move away from the tensions and security concerns in Jerusalem and the south of the country.

After travelling from Jerusalem, the morning was spent at Capernaum and some nearby lakeside holy places such as the Church of the Primacy at Tagbha. Around 1.00pm the bus arrived in Tiberias so that we could have lunch at the ‘Hermitage’ restaurant in the Russian Orthodox centre. I rejoined the group at this stage after an absence of three days.

140705 Tiberias Restaurant

After lunch we had planned to visit Kursi and Bethsaida, but it was far too hot for such visits to outdoor sites this afternoon. Insytead, we made some minor changes to the schedule, leaving Bethsaida for tomorrow morning (on our way north to Banias) and going to the nearby Church of the Beatitudes after lunch.

Following their visit to Mt Beautitdes the group checked into the very comfortable facilities of the Pilgerhaus at Tabgha, although a few hardy souls decided to walk down the hill in the blazing sun. The remainder of the afternoon was occupied with sleeping and swimming, and offered a very pleasant respite after the tensions of the past few days in Jerusalem.

140705 Pilgerhaus Tabgha

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