Bethsaida 2014 – Day Ten

In Area T today we made amazing progress, and found something we had not dared to anticipate.

As we cleared up the northern half of our square, we exposed more of the wall running N/S along the western edge of our square. This is part of a structure, presumably Mamluk, that cuts across the top of the earlier structure whose walls were found during the excavations in  2012 and 2013.

The gem today was the discovery of an impressive stone doorway, complete with an interesting carving on a rock and a stone door socket.



area-t-doorway area-t-carved stone and door-socket


Early in the process of finding this entrance to our locus from 2023 and 2013, Renee found  nails and an iron spike (chisel):



It was easy work today as the spirits were so high. Indeed, I had trouble pulling them up for a break at breakfast time, when popsicles were delivered, and again when it was time to get on there bus. We are all eager to get back onto our little square of paradise first thing in the morning.


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