Closure of FaithFutures Foundation

A brief note to advise that the papers have recently been filed to wind-up FaithFutures Foundation which has been registered as a not-for-profit organisation in Kansas and also as a 501c3 organisation with IRS.

I want to thank all those who supported the Foundation since its establishment in mid-2001, just a few weeks before the world changed for many people in the West and and the Middle East with the 9/11 attacks in New York.

In particular, I want to acknowledge Peter Lawson, whose vision for an inclusive grassroots organisation was the key for much that we sought to achieve, and also Robert McElwain, who has tirelessly managed the financial affairs of the Foundation and attended to our various reporting obligations to state and federal regulators.

My personal projects relating to progressive re-visioning of Christianity for the present times continue through my own blog here as well as the Jesus Database web site.

For those who may be interested, I maintain a current list of my own publications on this blog site.

Best wishes for 2014 and blessings for the journey we all share.

Gregory C. Jenks

Founder and Executive Trustee

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