The myth of final security

Jesus may have seemed not much more than an irritation to the Roman rulers.

How wrong they were.

Just yesterday I was walking through the impressive ruins of a 13C fortress high on a mountain near the Israel/Lebanon border.

More pictures at my Flickr album.

At the time the people who invested energy and funds into creating this military-industrial complex, must have felt they were now secure. No one could touch them now. How wrong they were. Today it is a tourist park.

House built on sand, anyone?

Towers built without counting the cost?

Armies sent to war before assessing the chances of victory?

Is the Pentagon listening?

Is North Korea listening?

Are we listening?

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  1. Amen brother! There are cemetaries throughout Europe, North Africa and Asia that show what happens when we find our difference, rather than trying to find our common intrests. President Kennedy said it best when he observed how we were all alike, how we all have dreams of a better future for ourselves and our children, that we all breathe the same air, see the same sky, are warmed by the same sun…when shall we learn that one of us hurts ..we all hurt? There is no security in weapons…waging war is easy…working and waging peace…that takes courage!

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