Bethsaida Study Leave

In a couple of day’s time I will begin an extended period of time in Israel during a combination of study leave, recreation leave and on-site teaching for the annual Bethsaida archaeology project.

From time to time I will post news and information on this blog site, but it will not be in the form of a daily journal until at least 16 June when the main group of Australian volunteers arrive.

In very brief terms, as already indicated in a post on my Facebook page, I will be spending the next 4-5 months as follows:

  • I will be living at Tiberias, and commuting to Jerusalem every week or so for a few days a week, to work on the coins recovered from Bethsaida over the past 26 years and now held by the Israel Antiquities Authority.
  • During that period I also need to prepare two conference papers for the International Meeting of SBL at St Andrews in Scotland in mid-July. These will draw on the coin database, as a kind of ‘firstfruits’ from that research.
  • In amongst all that I plan to finish the draft of a new book.
  • Finally, I will have 5-6 weeks on the Bethsaida dig this year instead of the usual two week season. I am really looking forward to this increased involvement in the dig.

No doubt my Arabic and my Hebrew skills will improve dramatically through this time, and that will contribute to my future teaching and research. As a sabbatical, I shall be aiming to keep my emails to a minimum, so I hope you will understand if I am not as accessible as usual.

About gregoryjenks

Anglican priest and religion scholar. Senior Lecturer in the School of Theology at Charles Sturt University. Dean, Cathedral Church of Christ the King, Grafton and Rector of the Anglican Parish of Grafton. Formerly Dean at St George's College, Jerusalem. The opinions expressed in my publications, including my blog posts, are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Diocese of Grafton nor Christ Church​ Cathedral in Grafton.
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5 Responses to Bethsaida Study Leave

  1. Enid Rub says:

    God go with you Greg. Give my love to Scotland, the home of my maternal ancestors.
    Perhaps you will find Jesus’ sandal this time?

  2. Gwenneth Roberts says:

    Sounds a full sabbatical Greg, will you be sending through your lectionary posts during that time? We really appreicate them but understand if not possible. Best GWENNETH

    GWENNETH ROBERTS PhD Senior Lecturer, UQ School of Medicine 0417660288 +61733975912 PO Box 419 COORPAROO 4151 AUSTRALIA ________________________________

  3. Graham WARREN says:

    Dear Greg,
    I wish you well. I will be following your adventure. I have only recently discovered your blog site and have spent some time reviewing your postings over time. It is interesting to visit past sermons. They represent samples of your thoughtscape. As with any sample the critical question to ensure validity, particularly external validity, goes to the issue of representativity. With respect to the question posed to you, and often demanded of you, as to where on the somewhat artificial scale of conservative through to progressive you sit,I hope that being increasingly public you do not lose the capacity to retain the subtle nuance necessary to remain credible.You are deft at maintaining that balance and I hope and trust that the new imperatives of modern communication do not cloud your capacity to remain so. Your contribution to our diocese and our faith is remarkable. Long may it be so.
    Graham Warren

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