An (un)Common Book of Hours

Uncommon Book of Hours cover

Peter Watkins has edited a set of reflections based around the weekday and Sunday readings from the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL).

An (un)Common Book of Hours is available only as a digital text (eBook) and can be purchased online at Smashwords for just US$4.99.


The editor reflects on the project in his Preface:

My motivation for this booklet was to compile a set of reflections and prayers drawn from a group of Christians which reflects, to what seems to me, the great diversity which exists within Christianity, something that is not often acknowledged nor sufficiently celebrated. This represents the “(un)” component of the title. The “Common” is derived from the use of the Daily Readings of the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), a three year table of readings from the Bible which is in widespread use around the world (see for further details on the RCL) and thus is common to many of those who offer homilies each week, and the “Book of Hours” refers to the devotional content of this booklet.

Recruitment of the contributors to this project was by invitation. Some of the contributors I have known for quite some time while, for others, this represent the first time that I have had contact but I hope that this will continue beyond the scope of this booklet. In order to participate, each contributor was sent a copy of the outline which forms the framework for each daily devotional, and a set of readings for each day Lent. Each person was asked to provide a reflection (around 500 words) as well as a prayer that relates to both the reflection and the set of readings. The result of their endeavours is what you will be reading for Lent. When I first envisaged this booklet, I anticipated that, with such a diverse group of contributors, a wide range of voices would be heard. However, with the arrival of each contribution, I found quite the opposite; there seemed not be a multitude of voices but rather only One.

As one of the invited contributors (responsible for the Third Sunday of Lent as well as Tuesday in Holy Week), I want to congratulate Peter on pulling this project together and thank him for his trust in our collected glimpses of sacred wisdom.

If the volume is well-received further sets of reflections for other seasons of the Christian year will be planned.

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