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Making meaning out of the cross

My 2018 Good Friday sermon seems to have attracted rather more attention, and to have triggered much more conversation, than any other recent sermon. The overwhelming tone of the communications that I have received have been appreciative, positive and supportive. … Continue reading

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A letter to my critics

It seems that my 2018 Good Friday sermon has attracted more interest among a wider circle of people than I mostly manage to achieve. This includes negative reactions—some of them quite exaggerated—among conservative Evangelicals for whom there is only one … Continue reading

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Chosen? Reading the Bible in the context of Israel-Palestine

This evening I settled down to read this short book, really more of an essay, by the esteemed biblical scholar, Walter Brueggemann. Chosen? Reading the Bible amid the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Louisville, KJ: Westminster John Knox Press, 2015 ISBN 9780664261542 The endorsements … Continue reading

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Burial or Cremation in Christian Funerary Rites

Recently I was asked for my opinion on the question of burial or cremation as the more appropriate process for Christians to dispose of the physical remains of our departed. The question came out of left field as I am not … Continue reading

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