Jordan 2014 – Day Two

Today was spent exploring the ancient Nabatean city of Petra. We spent from 9.00am to 5.00pm enjoying the sights and sounds of Petra, and were there long enough to some of the famous changes in the colour of rock as the hours clicked by. These few photographs below cannot do justice to the experience, but they may provide some sense of our day.

We began by walking through the Siq, a natural channel through the rocks.


Finally we reached the end of the Siq and caught our first glimpse of the Khazneh, or (misnamed) Treasury.


Just so you know I really was there, here is a picture taken by Clare:


This panorama shows the ancient theatre that was carved out of the natural rock, with some of the less ornamental caves nearby.


After lunch I took a camel back to the Khazneh from our restaurant deep inside the rock-walled basin. The world looks different from up here and especially when the handler gives me the single rope that serves for a rein, and moves to the rear. (I had no spare hands for a camera after that!)


Finally we returned to our delightful accommodation at Beit Zaman.




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