Bethsaida 2014 – Day Eleven

140618 Bethsaida -Area-T view

Today—Wednesday in our second week at Bethsaida—there was a tangible sense of sadness that so much will remain incomplete when our brief time on the dig ends this Friday. We have achieved so much, but realise just how far we are from finding all this site has to reveal.

As the morning began, the site was looking good after yesterday’s work:

The main task was to keep removing the soil and dirt to reveal the underlying floor level. By day’s end we had made very good progress, and the dirt pile near the sifters was getting larger and larger.

The highlight of the square continues to be the Mamluk era doorway:


However we were delighted to celebrate the discovery of two large Ottoman smoking pipes, in very good condition. This is the larger of the two found today.


We also enjoyed finding our first coin in Area T this year:


After lunch we visited the Edyth Geiger Memorial Library in Zefat:

Finally we read the pottery from the last couple of days on the site, and entered the data into the computer:


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